Oyster T-Shirts, Personal Journeys and Christmas Presents

This has been a week of  sickness, mostly, fighting off aches and coughs and phlegm. But it's also been a week of pre-Christmas wrap-ups, with a long story about to be published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a t-shirt design about to be shouldered by real people, and Christmas cooking running full bore.

I can recap quickly using Instagram photos: 

Outlining, finally, for my first longform piece for the AJC. Pumped for the opportunity.

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Well over a month ago at this point, the above picture captured early thinking for a 3300-word Personal Journey article in the AJC that's based on people I'm writing about in my book. The final product looks nothing like this outline, and I'm pretty sure the final word count is longer than the original goal of 3300.  This Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, the story, called "The Spat King," will be published in print. I'll post the link here, of course, and will show the layouts once the story has hit the stands.

T-shirts that go to folks who helped out with my crowdfunding campaign are finally being printed, and I couldn't be happier with the design that my old friend Robert Roberts of Saucebox designed: 

There will be some extras, and I'll find a way to sell them through this site if possible.

Christmas in my family means meat pies, or paté as we like to call them. Flaky, salty pie dough filled with boiled chicken seasoned with summer savory. It's an Acadian tradition. My wife, a pastry chef at Heirloom Cafe in Athens, and I teamed up to make one that will be featured on the Athens blog The Broad Collective on Christmas Eve (or Day, not sure).

Cooking the chicken is rather hands on and takes time, but luckily I was able to devote a day this week to nothing but pate and making kimchi for my daughter's teachers. Pretty much everyone is getting kimchi this year for Christmas. Sorry not sorry.

Kimchis from @athensfarmersmarket produce for Mavis' teachers Christmas gifts.

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Recipes and links to follow soon. Seasons greetings!