The Spat King: Georgia Oystermen in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

That beefy fellow up there? That's Justin Manley, otherwise known to the coastal commercial fishing community in Georgia as the Spat King. He was the star of my story published on Dec. 21 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution called, oddly enough, "The Spat King," and he is also the catalyst for most of the action on my book, "The High Low Tide," that's all about my home state's mysterious, aging and fascinating watermen and oyster industry. 

The digital presentation was rather beautiful, including a slideshow of 20-plus photos I shot while down on the coast in early November.  My ugly mug even made its way on there somehow:

The print version looked a like this:

Coming soon: My favorite stories from 2014. Maybe 14 of them if I can really get around to it! And an Etsy shop I'm setting up to sell prints of my favorite photographs.