Quail: Any which way but lose

A Plantation Quail barn of 50,000 birds in Greene County, Ga.

A Plantation Quail barn of 50,000 birds in Greene County, Ga.

Jarad Blanton, chef at the World Famous here in Athens, is coming over to my house Monday to cook quail. We've been messaging back and forth all week about which recipe to use: He's partial to a whole bird, albeit a tiny one, stuffed with fennel sausage and some kind of orange glaze. He's thinking along the lines of this The Wanderer recipe for fennel sausage-stuffed quail but without the whole confit business.

Me, well, I'm just looking to move beyond my go-to roasted quail dish by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, which is simple and hard to screw up, especially is you're using store-bought, pre-brined quail.

Why quail? Why now? One perk of my job is, from time to time, you come home to styrofoam coolers full of food waiting on your porch. (It's only happened twice.) I've been sitting on a few packs of semi-bonless quail, quail breasts and bacon-wrapped quail from Manchester Farms for almost three months now, and it I was time to do something about it. 

While it's not seasonal, I'd love to try out David Tanis' 2012 recipe for quail and grapes. But I think we're going to stick with Blanton's fennel sausage version. Pictures will certainly follow, as will a recipe.