Crop Stories: An introduction


I'm proud to finally, really and truly talk about Crop Stories, a new cooking zine created through the Athens Farmers Market. Each issue focuses on one crop, devoting recipe and editorial space to that crop's story. We launch the project officially with a dinner at Hugh Acheson's 5&10 here in Athens on June 23. (Hugh wrote the foreword and was the original impetus for creating a food zine and not a cookbook. One of Hugh's chefs, Whitney Otawka from Cinco y Diez, also contributed a recipe.)  All the info for that party is in the above poster.

For our inaugural zine, we chose the blueberry. Inside you'll find 20 recipes from breakfast to cocktails, more information than you care to know about blueberries, including a long article by yours truly that takes an intimate look at the life and toils of a blueberry farmer. I'm also to credit for about 99 percent of the photography found inside. You get hot pictures of farmers like this one:

And tasty food pics like this one:

Crop Stories Vol 1 Blue Marie Cocktail 19  copy.jpg

I hope to either see you at 5&10 on June 23, or in Atlanta at Freedom Farmers Market soon (I'll be selling copies, but the date just got moved, stay tuned) or around town (Avid, Farmers Market, etc.) and we can chat about where this thing is going. 64 beautiful, organic and local pages at $13.99. Copies will be available through Avid Bookshop and another link I plan to share with you soon.