#TBT: Oysters on the Georgia Coast

Last May I traveled down to Savannah, Sunbury and Sapelo to report on the growth of Georgia's oyster industry for Modern Farmer. It was, maybe, the second step in a journey I'm taking as a writer to cover Georgia and its oysters. I guess you could say I'm on step four, and hopefully about to take step Pluto, if you catch my drift and Guided By Voices reference.

Last year, Georgia oyster guru Justin Manley, pictured here throughout, took me around his lease in Liberty County, showing me his makeshift aquaculture set-up and what wild salt marsh oysters look like.

It took us a while to get out on the water that day, and we almost didn't make it. It poured rain as we left Savannah in Manley's truck at about 7 a.m. The Saturday before we headed out, storms looked to cancel out trip.

I've looked at these pictures a bunch, but they still make me a little salt water-misty-eyed. Can't wait for the next Southern oyster season to open.