An Oyster Renaissance in New Jersey

Twice a week, I'm looking for and posting videos about food and farming, with an emphasis on aquaculture. This is the first installation of this regular feature.

"There's no food more primitive than an oyster," says Forty North Oysters owner Matt Gregg. "What you find is between two shells, it's held together by a single muscle and you open it with a blunt object."

He's onto that whole authenticity things I was talking about two weeks ago. And Gregg, I'll have to admit this is merely anecdotal, is one of the youngest oyster farmers I've found working.

Gregg's NJ/NY oyster farm is the subject of this recent short documentary available on Vimeo. Here you'll see some of the basic technology in setting oysters in an estuary to grow big. Much of it's just those plastic bags you'll see here.