Public Poop Philosopher

Don't we all wish online commentors were eloquent and thoughtful and kind? How about one out of three?

A Friday morning story about a homeless man caught delivering a deuce on the sidewalk by extruding it down his pant leg received this comment from a regular contributor to the Athens Banner-Herald's peanut gallery:

What we have here is the fodder for a great philosophical debate. Is leaving a load on a public sidewalk actually littering? If so, then what about all the dog owners who leave their calling card? Are we going to cite all the dog owners when Rover lays out some Lincoln Logs, or is there some unique qualitative characteristic of the human product that sets it apart?

And then there is the whole earth, back to nature aspect -- is it truly "littering" to enrich the environment with the highly organic, highly compostable night soil?

Finally isn't some sort of public approbation as opposed to condemnation due this unnamed citizen whose diet is so regulated, whose gut is so full of healthy probiotics that he can pass a load unmolested and unimpeded through his pants' leg? Think about that feat, not a clump stuck, or squirt splatted on it's tricky fall through the coarse tentacled insides of his pants leg. I've had trouble shaking out a much less substantial fart, and so you have to just take a step back and admire this performance for what it is. That the police officer would cite this digestive tour de force indicates a total indifference to a display of the wonders of nature.