Crop Stories: Many Ways To Cook A Radish

Recipe testing began in earnest last weekend for the next installment in the Crop Stories series, a food and farm zine that I shoot, write, and edit (for those of you new to my work). 

I'll admit to a bit of nerves when thinking on how we'll fill 84 pages with compelling radish info, not to mention finding 20-plus great recipes to invent and include. But Caitlyn Hardy, the cook and farmer who tackles Crop Stories' culinary side, has quickly eased my fears by whipping up shrimp and radish ceviche, Korean-style radish cakes (pictured below), and more. Stay tuned. We're aiming for a late March/early April launch date for the new issue, with middle April looking more and more likely every day. 

The above photo is not as much a recipe as it is the best idea ever. Radishes on toast with vegan mayonnaise and nutritional yeast, with a sprinkling of sea salt, naturally.