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Oysters are a narrative food: each shuck and slurp tells a story about the place where the animal was raised. In A High Low Tide, André Joseph Gallant tells the story of the people who grow and harvest oysters in the Georgia salt marshes. He uses the bivalve as a jumping off point to tell the story of a changing Southeastern coast, the bounty within its waters, and what the future may hold for the region and its fishers. With A High Low Tide, Gallant places Georgia, as well as the South, into the national conversation about aquaculture, addressing its potential as well as its challenges.

“Gallant's ability to explain the biology/ecology of the Georgia seacoast oyster is remarkable for both its depth and understandability. Likewise, his introduction of a cast of strongly individualistic characters involved in this unique coastal culture is key to creating a rich and compelling story of place. Moreover, his descriptions of the physical power and beauty of the region create a fascinating world that is a pleasure for any reader to enter.”

—Ronni Lundy, James Beard Award–winning author of Victuals