Crop Stories is a food and farming zine that I edit, write, and photograph. I even test and style recipes. 

The idea behind the zine is pretty simple: help home cooks become better acquainted with how to use fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Not just how to store and prep and chop, but experiment, expand or elaborate. I could also say this: we are helping build fruit and vegetable literacy. But lots of people do this. What sets Crop Stories apart is its focus on the field and the farmer.

Here's a bit of a disclaimer. One reason why we want cooks better able to incorporate seasonal crops into their meals in more frequent ways is to help farmers sell more produce. Reading Crop Stories likely won't make you want to take up the hoe and run ankle deep into the dirt. It is geared to make you think deeply about the act of farming and those who do it. We don't print platitudes. Our stories present both the dedication and desperation that is part of farming. We're honest about it. 

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